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  VICEVERSA - Sondrio - Italy 

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 MASSIMO AIELLO - Tribute To Beethoven 

A drums that play together with an orchestra the immortal notes of the Beethoven’s “Ninth”. It’s an operation that take us back in the 70’s, when Deep Purple were playing with the London Symphony Orchestra and Emerson Lake and Palmer were re-interpretating Mussorgsky in “Pictures at an Exhibition”. Here in Italy the New Trolls were playing “Concerto Grosso”.

But we are in 2003 instead and is Massimo Aiello who take the initiative; a brave neapolitan drummer who living in Veneto and who put cymbals and drums to the Ludwig Van’s respectful service. The record want to be in fact a tribute to the genius of the german composer, so it has to be evaluated that way.

Because you can love the “great music” even if your heart love rock, and this “Carl Palmer” of today is a music lover that had done all by himself: playing live on the orchestra’s base, recording and self- producing.


The project can sounds unimportant, if you think to the “simplicity” (and sometimes to the roughness) that the youths are used to listening to. So that’s why this record can be important: it can approach the youths of 2003 to a complex, layered, exiting and torrential music (for us the “Ninth” will remains forever tied up to the Walter Carlos’ soundtrack of great Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”, and to the hallucinated verve of Malcom Mc Dowell-Alex who dance violently in a plastic London).


So, training to the listening, as Schroeder patiently was trying to do with an inattentive Lucy who was lying down on the piano. Reserving a place in the shelves (beside Metallica and Nirvana) for this little record wuold can keep great surprises and discoveries in the future.

paolo redaelli
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