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Massimo Aiello

Tribute To Beethoven: Drum In The Symphony No. 9

(Azzurra Music /

     (SKUG 58: March 2004 issue)      


Do you want to talk conceptual music now? Well: Napoli meets the 9th or even much more seriously, Drummer Massimo Aiello plays over a tape of Beethoven´s hit and informs us he’s being doing so since 1987. We have to have that, no? Play me that Symphony again and let him roll over that Slovak Radio Orchestra version (director: Walter Attanasi). You may think I´m once more getting sarcastic here but that is not the truth. Gosh, I only can welcome such personal wills and beliefs just ‘cause who knows? Maybe our Aiello really got something we didn´t, maybe yes, Beethoven would have really had Gene Krupa, Jeff Porcaro or Ringo with the 9th if only he´d knew. Back to our item, two things: Drums could be louder in the mix, by far and second: it seems, after Rondo Veneziano, hard to get some sort of clear direction as far as drumming on classics is involved. I hold a copy given to me by Tony Hymas (Jeff Beck long times keyboardist and composer of »Don´t let me down« by Phd.) of a self-promotion album beautifully named »Steinway to heaven« (Indeed comissioned by the legendary piano manufacturer itself). And there you can hear all sorts of fame of rock and pop dealing as they can with classical hits and piano. Back to Massimo I really enjoy that first half hour now, it almost makes you forgot Herr Master and who knows if Napoli´s not taking a serious revenge here.                 

E magnifico!

reviewed by NOËL AKCHOTÉ / Ü: FRIEDERIKE KULCSAR                        

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