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Massimo Aiello - Tribute To Beethoven


by Lorenzo Casaccia


Massimo Aiello is a neapolitan drummer active since the 80ís in a variety of contexts (from avant-garde concerts to session-man for singer-songwriters, from the theatreís music to the carry out of  teaching material).

This CD (subtitled Drum in the Symphony no. 9) backing up his more ambitious project, presented in live shows since the 1987. Itís essentially a long drums solo on the base of the Beethovenís Ninth: a project that immediately appears as pharaohnic, but that is carried out with modesty and a certain sense of mesure. Aiello accentuate obviously the rhythmical aspect of the original, arriving to a result that reminds me the mixing classic-rock of James Last. The recording on a CD doesnít give total justice to an idea that we want to imagine more fascinating in live, with a drums in complete solitude that follow a colossal opera.