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The Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with a drums rhythm

Inserted the November 04, 2003 at 9:00:00am by Giorgio Riccirelli. IT – Recensioni – Cd

Massimo Aiello had carried out a courageous record, more than original, that strikes for sensitivity and professionality.


Massimo Aiello

Tribute To Beethoven (Drum In The Symphony N.9)

(Cd, Azzurra Music, 2001)

classical, jazz


“My intrusion with the drum in Beethoven’s great opera, other than a studious souree, is intended as a thank you to this man for his contribution to mankind, both on a musical level as well as expressing values such as love, justice and liberty. I freed these things should be shared. These are things to be shared with all. I hope that I have not “disturbed” the opera too much. Enjoy…”

With these simple and honest words Massimo Aiello introduce his project Tribute To Beethoven, a record that hold faithfully the live-show of the same name that the musician present since the 1987 and that is enclosed to his “Book-Method”.

Massimo Aiello play drums live on the recorded base (orchestra and choir) of the Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, performed by the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Walter Attanesi, and he do that with precision and grace, with that hint more of irrational courage that you need every time you try to contaminate “sacred monsters” like the german composer.

The neapolitan percussionist define himself a mainly self-taught artist in his musical research, so much that he approached to the music studying since the age of 10 years old. Since the early 80’s he went to various courses with some of the most important drum’s teachers, enjoying always exellents consensuses; but is with his soloist’ show “Tribute To Beethoven” that he turn out well to stand out by an original and important way, going around Italy (theatres, places and festivals) performing his show with success.

The opera is divided in four movements: the 1st Movement, allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso; the 2nd Movement, molto vivace; the 3rd Movement, adagio molto e cantabile; the 4th Movement, presto with melodic drum solo and final.

More than an original project, that srikes for sensitivity and professionality. An innovative and creative approach to a classic like the Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, certainly, with that good deal of respect and humilty that many others don’t have instead.

Massimo Aiello is an extraordinary drummer, he hit the drums and make vibring the cymbals with his phenomenal style, in the middle between the classic and the “standard jazz”. A show really for “fine palates”. For who will have the possibility to watch him in action live, an unlosable show.


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