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CD, Azzurra


In the flea markets you still can find the 70’s albums with rock revisitations of classical music. Whatever is your opinion about the symphonical rock of Ekseption or Emerson Lake and Palmer, in the next years there was been not much musicians ables to…………[1]


He play drums simply recording that over the performance of the Beethoven’s Ninth by an orchestra.


But it’s worth meeting soloists who chase their dreams with determination. The recording of a cd is carried out like this, nowadays is not required to recruit expensives orchestras for a symphonical project. The classical music was been totally taken from a cheap slovakian cd. Headphones on, digital recorder turned on, go with the over-recording. Is simply like that. Behind the Aiello’s drums you can hear a digital copy of the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. Shoddy? Banal? Sure, but it will don’t surprise that Drum In The Symphony no. 9 is at the same time surprisingly beautiful in every details. The drums is pefectly in tune, the mix with the cd’s orchestra is brilliant. The rhythms created by Aiello on the Beethoven’s Ninth they move in an entertaining way

[between]                    the………[4]……….

In the tuneful beginning parts,             [and]                   the Final’s heroic. And, I have to say that, the sudden jazz solo towards the end is simply exemplary. Open and agile,       [5]        , and not much long


Review by:
Remco Takken

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