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Massimo Aiello - "Tribute to Beethoven"
Drum In The Symphony no. 9

The Ninth and last symphony is certainly one of the most loved pieces of classical music. Now arrive to us the edition of the Ode To Joy in jazz performance. Massimo Aiello, italian drummer of his mark, take on the responsibility of this experiment.

Massimo Aiello - "Tribute to Beethoven"

To the edition of the Ninth Symphony, faithfully performed by the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, there isnít almost nothing to criticize, as to the the choir and the soloists of the Slovak Philarmonic Choir. But the drums accompaniment thatís been placed on top (done by the italian that cheer up himself for the experiment), it seems unfortunately often forced.

During long pieces you have the impression that Aiello play rather following the event; he want to be present even if itís not right. And his solos are sometimes so annoying, like basically in the overall fourth part. Around like a 'Jazz'-sound with the best intention is not to ďlistening outĒ, so much that also listening you are disturbed. An original idea, innovative, and the technical capabilities to playing arenít enough to make a good record. But, as everyone know, in music the souls are divided,  so also the "Tribute To Beethoven" will find his admirers.

Peggy Thiele

CD: Massimo Aiello - "Tribute to Beethoven" (TBPJAB039)

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