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Massimo Aiello - "A Tribute To Beethoven"
Album (Art Classics)

Well, this cd is one of the most inexplicable things that are happened during the eight months of Deepdive’s existence. Arrive a record of tribute to the old Ludwig Van Beethoven. Its author is an italian called Massimo Aiello who had re-performed the Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, including drums! For you wich still don’t know, is not usual for us publishing reviews on old classics, and how this “hooligan” from Italy have found us (wich differently listen to rock music) is a more great mistery! Anyway, now we have to look at the things from a more large viewpoint. For how I understood, is enough original to insert modern drums in olds symphonies. I don’t know if he had copied the rest of the music from some cd or stuffs like that, but it seems the original (of what I don’t had listened much a part the “cult roll” in the Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”). The classical music is enough soft to listening when you want to relax yourself or if you have some problems to sleeping. The jazz drums maybe cheer up the atmosphere (but it depends to who you ask that). The cd is made of eighty minutes of beautiful music, composed by one of the greatest composers ever existed, I cannot comment better like saying that Beethoven was a “cool” man. Also this Massimo seems to be very “cool”. If you like….the post-classic symphony alternative, get yourself “Tribute To Beethoven – Drum In The Symphony no. 9”!

David Johansson (2003-10-31)