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Massimo Aiello

Tribute To Beethoven: Drum In The Symphony No. 9



     (drums & Percussion - April, 2007)     

A brave project! A drummer born in Naples, Massimo Aiello decided to face the whole of the 9th symphony of great old Ludwig van and write an arrangement. He has been working on it for 20 years performing solo live on stage. Both the orchestra and the chorus come out from a still. Aiello is developing this project and he has realized the first cd with a delicate, dynamic, melodic sensitivity without self-consciousness and exaggeration and this enormous work finishes, as we know, with the "Ode to Joy". This fascinating music is performed in very unusual way. There is a Beethoven shuffle, because Aiello dares to insert a groove and at the very end a short solo into the historical texture. Oh my God!

Reviewed by Ingo Baron