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Massimo Aiello "Tribute To Beethoven - Drum In The Symphony no. 9" (Azzurra Music)

The world is big enough for standing all kind of music. Saying that I mean that is not always (or only) matter of like or not a criterion… Some productions have almost a cheek. Massimo Aiello will split the people in several parts. The gossips, the consenters, who that will shout “Blasphemous!”, the ignorants (they’re always there with their carelessness) and much more. What about it? The Slovak Philarmonic Choir accompany the orchestra in four parts (Ode To Joy). Up to there it’s all the faithful edition of the original Beethoven’s opera. Beside it Massimo Aiello play drums. Massimo play in different ways, sensitive, adequate to the lyric and dynamic’s atmosphere of the opera, sometimes powerful, sometimes sweet, always meticulous and technically perfect, the rhythm hasn’t a modest nature, but he demonstrate to have a large rhythmical understanding and a passion for complex rhythms and for classical music. This is totally interesting and earn a new appearance for the dramatic opera: he carry the music in the ears of young listeners, who otherwise would close themselves to the long opera in a ignorant way. But, is this necessary? Obviously every listener will decide in different way. But the experiment is turned out well and it’s convincing. Everyone must build his own opinion by himself, but after investing two minutes of own modern time in this production.