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"Tribute to Beethoven"

Drum in the symphony n°9

More than intriguing is this tribute to a composer that isn’t “new” to tributes from the classical music, just “classical” I told to myself and so how drums can “get married” with the crescendo of  the orchestra’s intruments? And then I told to myself “It will be the umpteenth mad show-off who will try to put forced modernity into a classical opera, mabye with a pre-recorded continuous base”, instead… it happen that the cd start to run and then the unexpected magic; percussions that take part in the “Beethoven…ian” opera, following it into its soft and after impetuous rhythm. Rhythm that the drum ceate were it doesn’t seems to be needed! It can seems as an excessive comment, sure, for who doesn’t ever listened to it!

And what about the curriculum of this “Lord of percussions” who mentions teachers like Tullio De Piscopo and numerouses collaborations like that, since1988 to 1991, with Aldo Tagliapietra (singer, historic leader of the rock group “Le Orme”) playing on tour for presenting the “…Nella Notte” album (Holly records 1984), and in 1991 with the singer-songwriter Ricky Gianco (Gianco-Jannacci-Gaber trio) on tour for presenting the “È Rock’n Roll” album… Well, I listed just something of his career wich, for beeing totally listed, needs an entire website! And so I found it at this address:

Sciannamè Christian

For further informations on Massimo Aiello and our Tribute to Beethoven you can to write to:


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