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Massimo Aiello

Tribute To Beethoven:

Drum In The Symphony No. 9 (Azzurra Music)

              (April 2004 issue)      



Who among us hasn't heard a piece of classical music, and as if a scene in Wayne's World, lifted our arms high and air-drummed a monster fill? Well, Massimo Aiello had the courage to do what the rest of us have only dreamed of, and he did the job right. Aiello thoroughly but unobtrusively arranged a drumset part for this famous symphony, showing a fine command of dynamics while pounding drums like kettles and cymbals like lightning rods. Anyone who poopoos this cd out of hand isn't a "true" musician, for included in that term must certainly be a sense of humor. Rock on! (


reviewed by Robin Tolleson                              HERE: SEE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT