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Massimo Aiello : Tribute To Beethoven: Drum in The Symphony no. 9 (Azurra Music - 2003)
Massimo Aiello gives a percussionist's salute to the classical master Beethoven; if you've ever felt that "plain old" symphonic arrangements could stand to be pepped up by a little more drumplay, then perhaps this'll spark your interest. The drummy additions are subtly introduced during 1° Movement, as traditional kettle drums are augmented by light inclusions of snares, cymbals, etc.; the new beats are tastefully applied, rather than stomping all over the production. Massimo's kit takes a pounding during the more rousing passages of 2° Movement, then receding in the lighter movements. Even I recognize Ode To Joy though was startled by the frog-warbling male opera voice. Of course, not being too "into" classical, I'm neither overwhelmed by the augmentation nor outraged by the desecration... but a B- to Massimo for following his rhythmic muse.

by David J Opdyke 

These overviews posted 12.13.03
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