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Massimo Aiello

Tribute To Beethoven: Drum In The Symphony No. 9

Azzura Music Srl


     (Percussive Notes: Vol. 45, No. 1 - February, 2007)     

This CD, titled Tribute to Beethoven but subtitled “Drum In the Symphony no. 9,” is a full recording of Beethoven’s “Symphony No 9” with added drumset throughout. Except for an almost eight-minute drumset solo inserted between two major sections toward the end of the fourth movement, this symphony is performed true to tradition by the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. Italian drummer Massimo Aiello has been presenting performances of the symphony with added drumset since 1987. Aiello’s drumset playing is clean and solid and he clearly makes a major effort to tie in stylistically with Beethoven. But as well as the drumset part is executed, adding it to the traditional performance of Beethoven’s Ninth is like adding chocolate sauce to filet mignon (Massimo Aiello's note: I'm totally agree with the Professor!....). The drumset performance uses a great deal of cymbal work throughout sometimes as an attempt to support the line and sometimes to provide additional color and fills. The tones of the toms and bass drum are rich and warm. The added solo in the fourth movement includes interesting material and creative sounds. There is definitely some very nice drumming here.  

Reviewed by F. Michael Combs, Classical Music Percussionist.

Professor Emeritus of Music The University of Tennessee - U.S.A., active member and reviewer for musical literature and music for Percussive Notes-official magazine of the PAS-Percussive Arts Society of which also Co-publisher and other.